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Welcome to Five Revealed. This website examines how the evangelist, shepherd, teacher, prophet, and apostle is not an office, but a passion and point of view that is available to every believer in Jesus Christ. I believe the Church is relational, and these giftings will relationally intertwine into the mosaic fabric called the Church.

I've blogged over 600 different entries during the last six years. Join me in my walk as Jesus' precious Holy Spirit is "retooling" his Church for the 21st Century through insight and revelation into these five passions, five points of view, so diverse, yet the very key to bringing unity in the Body of Christ and maturity to the individual Christian.  It may challenge your thinking of the way we "do Church", for it certainly has challenged me.

I invite you to join me in my journey as the "Five" are "Revealed" in an unique way.

Anthony Bachman


Anthony Bachman, the author of these blogs, is a retired 8thgrade English teacher after four decades of teaching, a Christian by faith for five decades, and currently is experiencing his sixth decade of life.


Bachman is a graduate of William Penn Sr. High School (1967), earned a B.A. Degree in English in Secondary Education from Elizabethtown College ('71), earned a M.S. Degree in Instructional Communication from Shippensburg University ('73), and earned a M.A. Degree in Biblical Studies from Christian International School of Thology ('99). Life, for Bachman, has been a diverse educational journey.


Raised in the Church of the Brethren, Bachman has also participated in birthing an inner city church, aided in a Mennonite church plant, lead a small home group church, and was a youth coordinator for a city wide Evangelistic Crusade, and a coordinator for Lay Witness Missions through the United Methodist Church throughout the mid-Atlantic states. He has also participated in mission trips to Jamaica and South Africa. Bachman has also authored the book I Was A Stranger And….Recently he has also taught the Family to Family course through NAMI, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, in his home town of York, Pennsylvania, and was honored as Spring Grove Area School District's "2010-2011 Teacher of the Year".

Married almost forty years to Debra, his wife, they have raised three children, Benjamin, Jason, and Kylah, and are pampering a pair of grandchildren.  He currently resides in Dover, Pennsylvania.  Since retiring, Anthony has attempted to dip into the world of social networking while extending his life's experieinces through grandparenting.