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Welcome to Five Revealed. This website examines how the evangelist, shepherd, teacher, prophet, and apostle is not an office, but a passion and point of view that is available to every believer in Jesus Christ. I believe the Church is relational, and these giftings will relationally intertwine into the mosaic fabric called the Church.

I've blogged over 600 different entries during the last six years. Join me in my walk as Jesus' precious Holy Spirit is "retooling" his Church for the 21st Century through insight and revelation into these five passions, five points of view, so diverse, yet the very key to bringing unity in the Body of Christ and maturity to the individual Christian.  It may challenge your thinking of the way we "do Church", for it certainly has challenged me.

I invite you to join me in my journey as the "Five" are "Revealed" in an unique way.

Anthony Bachman




New Beginnings

New Beginnings Can Dirty One's Hands!This morning old things were sold cheaply at the Condo Assoc.'s Yard Sale where I live.  For some, what I sold as junk became someone else's treasures.  My real treasures I did not put up for sale, for they shall not be reduced to junk. I hope to share those treasures with you.  They are not cheap, for they came with a price.  In fact, they are priceless.  Reading my blogs will cost you nothing, but putting those treasure into practice may cost you everything. "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21) To share with you my treasure, I must share with you my heart which makes me very vulnerable.

You see, Evangelism is all about birthing, and being the first blog of this web site it is appropriate to honor the evangelist, for he/she majors in birthing.  This is the birth of a new web site, one dedicated at revealing "fives", usually the five fold ministry as well as other concepts.  

This project is a seed of faith to "reveal" the "five fold" of Ephesian 4 as "passions" and "Points of View" rather than "offices".  It is a project to expose to every believer in Jesus Christ that they are a"priest in the Order of Melchizadek", and can flow and use these passions and points of view as an evangelist, teacher, shepherd, prophet, or apostle.  Hopefully, it will be a challenge to the "religious mind sets" we have established, and will offer some fresh "points of view" while examining Ephesian 4.  

What will the plant look like once broth forth from this seed, watered, and nurtured?  I am not sure, but I do give the Holy Spirit permission to take you and me on a journey that will glorify Jesus Christ while bringing unity in the Body of Christ. This journey should be interesting and unique, and I invite you to join me.

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