There’s A Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On (Continued…. Again!)


The 21st Century Retooling of the Church – Part LV

When a bar tender prepares a mixed drink, often he puts the proper ingredients into a glass, then places a “shaker” over it and shakes the ingredients together!  Without the shaking, the drink will not be as good, individual tastes will be too strong or too weak. A whole lot of shaking can make a good drink.  On the other hand, if you get sedimentary water from the stream that is cloudy, you can let it sit, and the sedimentary sinks, producing what looks like clear water.  Unfortunately a whole lot of shaking of that jar produces what was originally in the jar, a muddy, unclear mess.

A whole lot of shaking can produce two results, a good blend or a messy one!  The church is often afraid of allowing a whole lot of shaking because it “naturally” expects the results to be a messy one.  Shaking can bring cloudiness to a situation.  Only through filtration can the water again be pure.  So what is the filtration device for the Church to use? I propose that the filtration device is the Cross through the Holy Spirit. 

As I have said in earlier blogs, the only way to experience the “supernatural,” the vertical relationship with the Godhead is allow it to penetrate, to dissect the “natural”, those horizontal relationships we have.  That vertical dissection to the horizontal produces the Cross.  Only when we take “messy shake-ups” in our lives to the Cross can we bring clarity to situations by allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives.  Because of the cross and resurrection, Jesus’ mission to life as a human, the Son of God, the Living Word in the flesh, he could now go back to the heavenlies to sit at the right hand of God the Father to intercede for the saints.  His job is now one of intercession on behalf of those whose faith believes in him.  Only upon his return could the Holy Spirit be released to “bring all men unto Him”!

Only through the filtration of allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and through our lives can we filter out the muddy mess to produce clear “living water.”  Jesus said, “If a man thirsts, let him drink from the living well”, drink life through the “living water,” Jesus Christ.  Only through “shaking, then filtrating can we get the pure water we seek.

On the other hand, a whole lot of shaking can bring a blend of different tastes, liquors, drinks, fruits, etc. into a totally invigorating concoction of a drink.  Those tastes which tasted good individually taste even better when blended together.  There strengths together become the strength of the drink only after a whole lot of shaking and stirring.  In order for the five fold, the evangelistic, pastoral, teaching, prophetic, and apostolic passions can come together is if the Holy Spirit does “a whole lot of shaking” to bring them together, and I think the Church is beginning to experience that “shaking”.  At least that is my prayer of faith.

For this to become an actuality, there needs to be a shaking, exposing the impurities that lie in the pure “living water” of Jesus Christ in his Body, the Church.  After the working of the Holy Spirit to bring purification, then more shaking can produce the blending of five different points of views, five different passions into one, producing maturity in the Body of Christ and unity. 

That purification process for the believers in Christ will come in a brokenness, a willingness to “lay down their lives for their brethren”, and a hunger for God in a degree never felt before by the Church. It will be the Church again facing the Cross, the cross roads of the “natural” and the “supernatural”, allowing Jesus to be King and Lord, and allowing the Holy Spirit to do what He has been sent to do!

Often in my previous blogs I have asked, “Can you/we/I trust the Holy Spirit?”  If we can’t trust the Holy Spirit, the out come will only be muddied waters when the shaking begins.  If we can, then we will drink from “living water” and eventually enjoy a “blend” like never before experienced, a refreshing, a renewal, a rebirth.

Have you gotten it by now; there is a whole lot of shaking going on!