Worship: Part II

Those Who Practice Worship

Whatever the Lord has given you, give it back!

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Abraham gave his son Isaac back to the Lord, to the point that he was willing to sacrifice him, even though he was his only beloved son.  Because his act was an act of worship, God supplied the sacrificial lamb caught in the thicket so that the sacrifice could be complete.

Hannah kept her vow of giving her son Samuel back to the Lord by bringing him to the temple, the place of worship, the House of the Lord, and Israel finally had an ear to hear the voice of the Lord in the midst of a corrupt priesthood.

The three wise men were very wise because they came to worship the babe, the new king, and they did not come empty handed.  They were ready to give back some of their wealth, gold, myrrh, and frankincense, not knowing how those gifts would be used.  All three were used for funerals. Because of their act of worship, God supplied what the “Sacrificial Lamb” needed to fulfill His mission, His Death and Resurrection.