Road to Emmaus: Part IV

Lesson #1: Road To Emmaus Worksheet

A Assignment

Directions:   Reread the Luke 24:13-35 passage throughout the coming week. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal even more truth about the lesson.  Here are some questions that may arise that you and your group did not see.  Answer them if you wish!

What significance is there to the “breaking of the bread” that Jesus did and the opening of their eyes?


What significance is there to when their eyes were opened and they recognized him that immediately he disappeared from their sight?  Is there a correlation between that principle and faith?


What was their “emotional” reaction to their recent walk with Jesus?


What did Jesus “open their eyes to” in verse 34?  What does that say to you about daily Bible reading, devotions, and meditation?


Verses 33 & 34:  Their experience confirmed what to them and to the other believers?


Bottom Line:  What was the purpose of Jesus walk with them?  What did all this lead then to do?