Worship: Part VII

Bringing In The Harvest 

Whatever the Lord has given you, give it back!

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Connected with every festival and feast in the Bible is some kind of harvest and wave offerings of the “first fruit” in the Temple.  It was a common practice to give back to the Lord the “first fruits”, representing their all, in the Temple in Old Testament days. 

 Because I went to a church in the country as a child, “Harvest Home” service was a big deal when you would bring things from the harvest to church as well as canned good you preserved to give to the poor, or orphanage, or rescue mission, or food bank, or other ministry.  It was a time of “giving back”, literally, the harvest of one’s garden or farm.

Many churches pray for “the harvest”. The Bible tells how the harvest is great, but the workers are few!  If we want harvests, fruits of our ministries, then maybe we should have “Harvest Home” services again, but the fruit does not have to be vegetables and garden items, but anything that the Lord has given you that year that you could give back to Him.  In other words, “true worship”.  Every Sunday could be a “harvest” Sunday, if we allow those in the congregation who are to do the reaping, and harvesting, to bring the fruits of their spiritual labors into the “storehouse”, the church, as an act of worship.