Can We Trust The Holy Spirit?

Am I Willing To Surrender My Control?

I want religion, for religion is me working out my own walk under my own conditions where I feel that I am in control.  Relationship means I have to work with someone else and may have to share control or maybe even relinquish it.  That is scary.

I think that is why many Christians and the churches they attend are reluctant to partner with the Holy Spirit.  We say we want to partner with Jesus, have a personal relationship with Him, but we shy away from having a personal relationship with the “Spirit” of Jesus Christ!  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is Spirit, and believers claim that the Spirit of Jesus is inside them when they make a personal decision to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts, but are fearful to give up, or to lose, control they cherish.

What happens if I relinquish my control to the Holy Spirit?  Will He send me to Africa to chuck spears with the natives, or to the jungles of South America where there are cannibals?  Giving up my garbage, my faults, my sins in reward for forgiveness of sin and eternal life was inviting, but giving up control to make Jesus Lord of my life is frightening?  Why should we be afraid?  Is Jesus not our Shepherd, our Banner, our Protector, and our King?  Pentecost is allowing that “Passover” Spirit of Jesus Christ, that we accepted into our heart, to become “a living, active” Spirit when we make him Lord of our lives.  The price for Passover, our salvation, was giving up our sinful life, our garbage; the price for Pentecost is giving up CONTROL! What relinquishing that control brings is LIFE!

I have several questions to you, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ:  1) What has kept you from making Jesus Lord of you life, allowing him “total control” of your life?  2) Are you willing to give that up for an intimate relationship with Him?  3) Can you trust the Holy Spirit, the Spirit if Jesus Christ? If you can’t, “why not”?  If you can, “why not” let go, relinquish that which has held you back from this intimate relationship, and begin TRUSTING!  If you are willing to truthfully answer these three questions, write the results in the comment section below so others can see that “trusting the Holy Spirit” is a safe place to be!