Five Fold Revisited

Blessing and Blessed


Barry and Sandy Falkenstine - see had a pleasant surprise at the church I attend this Sunday.  The pastoring couple who lead our church through the ‘80’s and 90’s visited.  They were the ones who taught our congregation to listen to the voice of God, be stretched in the Spirit, and introduced us to the prophetic movement.  Sandy was a gifted teacher but motivated through a strong prophetic gifting.  Her husband, Barry was also a teacher but exercised an apostolic slant seeing over the congregation while placing things in order.  During their tenure it was an educational experience for me seeing the prophetic working a long side of the apostolic.  Often they clashed, but most times they augmented each other.

Today our current pastor, Steve, gave an excellent foundational sermon on who Jesus is. Upon the conclusion of the service Sandy, the prophetess, got up and confirmed the spiritual significance of the teacher’s Word.  I thought, “How fortunate is the teacher in having a prophet to confirm his word,” adding to its significance.

Steve then invited Barry to give a closing benediction or blessing.  There stood the man who oversaw this congregation for a decade and a half, who was willing to give up his congregation upon the leading of the Spirit, and now over looked what the Holy Spirit had been doing over the last decade since his departure and blessed it.  It was a touching moment for Barry, Steve, and the congregation as a whole.

Although there is an evangelistic and pasturing/shepherding presence in this church, it still lacks the strength of someone with, vision, purpose, and point of view of these two passions in this body, but, I believe, that will come as God continues to develop the five fold among God’s people in this congregation.  It was a day of enlightenment and encour