Five Fold In Each Of Us

Watering The Seed


If we are to have “the fullness of Christ”, and Jesus is in us, then, I guess, each believer has each of the five fold within themselves.  Every Christian should be trained to lead the lost into the saving grace of Jesus Christ, the evangelistic spirit.  Each Christian has that shepherding, caring gift within themselves, often evident in parenting.  Each believer has the ability to allow the Holy Spirit to teach them truth through the Word, the Bible, the teacher.  Each Christian should desire an intimate relationship, the prophetic, and every believer has the ability to see the body of Christ, the Church. In essence, we have a little of all five of the passions of the five fold already in us if we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior and invited His Spirit into our hearts.

As a believer, we should experience each on of them at different times in our walk or journey with Jesus.  They are like seeds in us.  Some we will water and feed, marveling at their growth. Others we will allow to lay dormant if we choose or use sparingly.  Those seeds we water and feed eventually become our passions, those things that drive us.

Personally I have led several people to the Lord’s saving grace.  My wife and I have parented/shepherd three different groups of people who call us ma & pa or Momma and Poppa B.  I have spoken prophetic words over people, and I have had the honor of seeing the big picture of the Church because of my many different experiences with each expression of the five fold.  But teaching has been my passion, professionally and spiritually, and I have worked hard on preparing myself to teach.  Teaching is not only what I do, but what drives me.  I can’t help myself. Even in these blogs I teach, but I have had to recognize that I have done the other four giftings too.

How do you water and feed these seeds.  Through development, that step by step journey or walk of faith, believing for those things not yet seen or evident; believing for the lost to be found, the sheep to be shepherd, those new to the Word to be grounded in the Word, people not only believing Jesus but intimately knowing him, and those believing for the unity of the Body of Christ. Faith is the key to this spiritual journey.

So stop and think about the times you have manifested some of these traits. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your next step in this spiritual journey. Then strive to water and feed those giftings that will develop into passions.  Again the five fold is not about offices or titles, it is about developing passions for Jesus.

Let’s water and feed our seeds.