Spirit of Evangelism: Creative Evangelism

 Satan Counterfeits; Only God Can Create

Palm reading, or palmistry, is an ancient practice used throughout the world, but how about Psalm reading, or Psalministry?  This is definitely creative evangelism.

I once heard a speaker, Ken, (sorry I do not recall his last name) who goes to Salem, Massachusetts in October with a contingent of Bible students.  Ken is not intimidated by the occult as so many Christians are, but challenges them.  His evangelistic team sets up a tent and a stage to do drama and to give personal prophetic words to people.  He has been so successful that even local witches have come into their tent to see what it is all about.  One witch even sent a customer to them because she felt they could do more for her than she could.

Last year he tried something different, where he would look at someone’s palm, but recite scripture from the book of Psalms instead. The Psalm with prophetic insight has led several people to the Lord, thus Psalms Reading instead of Palm Reading.

The accuracy of their prophetic words, the love they have shown everyone, and the grace they have displayed have earned them respect among the Salem community while they were there.  Often evangelistic endeavors bring animosity from the locals, but that is not the case here.

Often we give the occult too much credit, when in reality satan is not a creator.  He cannot create anything.  Only God can create, thus satan is a counterfeiter while God is the creator.  If we allow the Holy Spirit to “creatively” bring out the “creation” the “Creator” has “created” in us, evangelism could be drastically different than it is today. I would like to challenge you to listen to the Creator to see what he would want you to do creatively to bring others into his saving grace.