Teaching: Hearing and Responding

 Jesus said that we should not only be hearers of the word, but doers.  It is not enough to be introduced to tennis (evangelist), coached in tennis (shepherd), and even taught the fundamentals of the game (teacher), the athlete has to just be able to go out and “do it”.  Nikki shoes patented the expression “Just Do It” that became a successful sales logo.   

 Most pastors and teachers in the Church use the lecture teaching method with sermons, Sunday School Quarterlies, etc. It’s “talking-the-talk”, but few personally “walk-the-walk” with you in their lesson or sermon.  As a teacher we want “response that will change lives”.  Which is more effective: Preaching about Jesus feeding the thousands or going to the local soup kitchen or Rescue Mission and serve meals?  Preaching or teaching about the Great Banquet which most of the invitees refuse giving excuses, so the master tells his servants to go to the highways and byways and bring in the homeless, the poor, etc., or having Church in its social hall have everyone bring a “non-Churched” heathen or derelict to have a meal (pastoral/shepherding) and hearing the gospel (evangelist)?

Why do we have to go into a building (the church) in order to hear the gospel.  Isn’t the Great Commission to go outside those walls to the world?  The Lamad method of teaching is to have learners “experience life lessons” by “responding” to “revelation”. There are people hungry, poorly clothed, in prison, and lonely. (What a revelation!) Church now respond! When you do, your fruit will be “changed lives” to those you served, and more importantly to those who did the serving.  That is the teaching I want to emphasize in the five fold, “living service”.

We need Christian teachers who will get outside their classrooms of their church building into the classrooms of life, living experiences.  They need to apply Biblical Truth, “revelation”, to practical everyday living situations, and they will reap “changed lives”.  Teachers in the Christian Church listen: “Just Do It!”