Supernaturally Natural, The Power Of The Cross


Can We Trust The Holy Spirit?

Note:  On Sunday,  December 12th, 2010, I will be teaching another lesson, Supernaturally Natural in my “Journey with Pappa B” Series at CityView Community Church, just north of Rt.30 on Roosevelt Ave (on top of the hill) at 9:30 a.m. until 10:15

What do you call it when your mundane, every day routine is dissected by the supernatural?  I call it a “God Moment”.  That vertical intersection of the horizontal creates the Cross.  The Cross is central to all that is supernaturally natural.

If we, who are believers in Jesus Christ have to admit that our spiritual birth, or new birth, is supernatural, then why can we not believe that God can move supernaturally in our natural life after that initial event? Are we afraid of change, or challenge, or of the Holy Spirit, or of the supernatural?

What happens when the supernatural dissects the natural?  Routine is replaced with change!  Comfort is replaced with challenge! What evidence is there of the supernatural?  How about Jesus, God’s Son in the flesh, the virgin birth, the resurrections, the power of the resurrection, Pentecost, and the coming of the Holy Spirit is all recorded in the Bible as supernatural events!  Bottom Line:  Can we trust the Father?  Can we trust the Son?  Can we trust the Holy Spirit? Then why not live a supernaturally natural life?