Do Not Pass Go; Do Not Collect $200

I Got It; Then Why Not Move Ahead


Have you ever been in a place where you just had a revelation or learned a spiritual principle that was truth and new to your life. You now “got it”, and being a talker, a communicator, one who can’t keep a good thing quiet for I feel I have to tell everyone, you hear the Lord in His still small voice say, “Hold it; be patient; wait!”

“What for what?” I ask.

On Easter weekend “it was finished”. Believers in Jesus Christ got to see God’s sacrificial lamb die for their sins on the cross, the veil in the temple torn from top on down, and to top that an empty tomb, a resurrection with angels and even “resurrected Jesus sightings”!  Then they experience the ascension into heaven! Wow! What a story! I need to tell the world, but…..

“Tarry in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit comes….”  What wait? We shouldn’t do the great commission just yet? Why?  Simple: It would be us doing it, not the Spirit of Jesus Christ!  How hard is it when we learn something, and the Spirit of the living God says wait, and we question why?  It is the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit that is to glorify the Son who in turns glorifies His Father in heaven!  It is His job to propagate the Truth, not ours; we may be only the vessel.

My passion burns to reveal truths that I have learned from the Spirit about evangelists, shepherds, prophets, teachers, and apostles, wanting to shout it from the house tops, move forward NOW, but up until now only being allowed to write in private and blog through this medium, this blog, in public.

The Spirit says wait….. wait until the Spirit is ready to launch what He has revealed to you. 

O.K. Lord, I know that Pentecost is 50 days after Easter, but can’t you bring it on now?

The Spirit says “wait”.

Like in the game Monopoly, “Do not pass GO, DO NOT collect $200”…. until I tell you! Wait for the Holy Spirit!  Isn’t that what the five fold is all about? About the moving of God’s Holy Spirit through different passions and points of view to bring unity in the body of Christ and maturity in being like Him? Then wait until the Holy Spirit releases…..