Power of Personal Testimony

When God’s People Get To Give

It was refreshing hearing over the car radio testimonies being given how people (a stay home mom, a business man, and 18 year old real estate agent) came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Their stories were short, sweet, less than 5 minutes apiece, but profoundly powerful!  Common, everyday people told how God touched their lives changing them.  It was not a well polished sermon on salvation, nor the worship team singing about amazing grace, but actual people from in the midst of their congregation who had a story to tell and were aloud by leadership to share it.  This is what I call “worship” when you allow God’s people the chance to give back to the Lord what he has already given them.  The results of this kind of worship is always powerful, productive, and reassuring to the body of Christ.  The evangelistic spirit was released.

If this is true, then why do most churches opt for well scripted, well presented, excellently produced “worship” services over allowing their people to “worship” by giving back to the Lord?  I do not know if they gave an invitation after the testimonies, but I could not help but think that what those people shared had an effect on a visitor who was in their midst who does not know what salvation is in Jesus Christ, and that there would be fruit if leadership had allowed a response.