Part VI – Mindset: Miracles, Healing, etc. Can Happen Outside The Confines Of Our Church Building

Supernaturally Natural: Rethink The Way We, The Church, Worships Corporately – Part VI

from Supernaturally Natural: Chapter 15 manuscript by Anthony Bachman

Stretching our mindset: Miracles, healing, etc. can happen outside the confines of our church building. 

God’s Presence, His Holy Spirit, isn’t confined to a cubical Holy of Holies without any access, but has been released because of the torn veil due to the cross of Jesus Christ.  We, his believers, his priesthood, have access ANYWHERE, ANY TIME to His Presence by His Spirit! 

I have been burnt by hot water from an overheated car radiator. A brother in the Lord at that moment prayed that I would not experience any pain. That prayer was answered. Even though rushed to the hospital where cold compresses were placed on me for an hour as I cranked off a tremendous amount of heat, even though I had a water blister the size of a ping pong ball from my bottom ear lobe the next day, even though the nurse dressing my wound had one of those “oh my gosh” looks and the doctor reluctant to promise that it will not scare, I never once experienced pain, never took pain medication, and today there is no scaring.  Now, if I come upon a car accident, why can I not pray on the spot for the victim, giving him the healing that I received from my car accident?  I can worship in public without being offensive or weird. I can just give Jesus to those who need him when in need.

My wife and her family have struggled with mental health issues over the years, yet the Lord has been faithful in helping us get through very difficult times.  Can we not reach out to the homeless, the hurting, the many who are also facing mental health issues wherever they are?  Of course we can.  We don’t need to bring them to church; we need the Church to go to them. Jesus always did.

Unfortunately, it is often easier to give to a need of someone outside the church than it is to give to someone inside.  Do you send someone to the “pastor” or his “staff” when there is a need, (which is not scriptural) or are you personally willing to give them Jesus?  Are you willing to teach them how to get into the very Presence of the God Almighty and His Son Jesus, so that the Holy Spirit too can teach them the nature and character of God?  I am not trying to bypass pastors and invalidate their ministries; I am just trying to validate Jesus ministry through His People, His Priesthood, His Body of Believers.  We would not have to “push” every case we think we cannot spiritually handle to the pastor if we, by faith, allow the Holy Spirit to supernaturally penetrate the natural problems we face.  That is the “Cross” in action!  That is the Logos Word becoming the living Rhema Word in action!  That is taking it to the people as Jesus did, not having the people “come into” our “houses of worship” if they wish “to find God”.