Church In A Bar? Put It On My Tab!


Supernaturally Natural: Rethink The Way We, The Church, Worships Corporately - Part XXV

from Supernaturally Natural: Chapter 15 manuscript by Anthony Bachman

The Church Key Pub & GrillThe Church in Bars?  The occupants would love the “water into wine” story!  I know of “churches” that have attempted to “do church” in bars, but it was through their natural order of worship. They may play upbeat music whose volume and beat is still mild to the unchurched and may talk the lingo of the group.  Unfortunately, when everyone is finishing “doing church”, the church group leaves.  They aren’t around when the “lifestyle” naturally continues: the shots are served; the darts fly, the queue balls reign, the jukebox blares, or a brawl breaks out. Bartenders are some of the best unchurched “pastors” that there are because they listen, empathize, are friendly, and actually care for the person who pours out your guts drunk or sober to them. Bartenders are often nonjudgmental because they are just one of the boys, and they are always there when one needs them as a listener, empathizer, or one to give another shot of one’s favorite brew to wash away one’s woes.

Self-righteous Christians refuse to come on their turf, around the smell of smoke and beer. Preachers use to preach, “What would you do if Jesus came back and found you in the local bar?”  Woe is judgment day for believers in Jesus Christ if you are caught at the wrong place!  Where would Jesus be? Probably invading the natural lifestyle found in a bar with the supernatural.  Who else can offer “new wine” when “I AM the vine,” Jesus, reveals himself to those in that bar?  If he can offer a Samaritan woman “living water” at a drinking hole, can he not offer a drunk “new wine” at his drinking hole?  Jesus will meet you where you are doing what comes natural to you, and introduce the supernatural!  “I AM your deliverer,” could be the revelation a drunk or a drug addict needs to be delivered from alcohol or drug addiction.  One can be supernaturally delivered from their natural habit and urge from substance abuse spontaneously when the I AM gives him hope for his present when one has lived so long in despair.

In stead of self righteous judgment toward the patrons, if Christians would give grace to them instead, you just might allowed that patron in whatever state he is in to give grace back to you.  Even the patrons at the bar can begin to practice principles of worship even before they know what worship is.

Can you imagine what it would be like when a captive from substance abuse is delivered right there in that bar, begin sacrificing praise to the Lord, and begins ministering deliverance to the others seated at that same bar who have been so cruelly captive for years. You would have revival in the bar.  Study Finney’s revival crusades: bars shut down and people became delivered.