Bottom Line: Take The Supernatural To The Natural, Whatever That Is!

Supernaturally Natural: Rethink The Way We, The Church, Worships Corporately - Part XXVIII

from Supernaturally Natural: Chapter 15 manuscript by Anthony Bachman

(The End of the Series)

Bottom Line: Take the supernatural to the natural, wherever that is! 

The Holy Spirit will invade their natural turf supernaturally if allowed.  Let’s quite making the natural tend to the natural with only promises to offer.  We can give them answers, action, change, renewal, rebirth, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, access to the Father, the supernatural.  We have been given supernatural power to meet anyone in what they consider to be natural and produce kingdom results. When the supernatural penetrates and dissects the natural the kingdom of God “sees” results.  Those changed will probably want to give that supernatural back to the Lord, or give it away to another individual, and in the process they just might give change our natural way of doing church.

I hear you asking, “Then who is in control if there is no natural order of worship? Good question, simple answer: the supernatural Holy Spirit is in control. I hear you quibbling “Won’t there be chaos with the unpredictable supernatural working of the Holy Spirit?  I admit my faith is weak and my fear of weird things happening is strong.”

Have we forgotten, “There is safety in trusting the Holy Spirit!”?

“There is safety in trusting the Holy Spirit!”

“There is safety in trusting the Holy Spirit!”

“There is safety in trusting the Supernatural!”

That is why the “gifts of the Spirit” were given to the Church, to bring decency and protection from what looks like disorder. Do counterfeits appear and arise in an open-ended worship session? Yes, in fact, I am disappointed if they don’t, because Satan does not want us to be “true worshipers” nor worship “in Spirit and in Truth”!  Satan hates the supernatural because as we saw in Luke 10 Jesus has given his priesthood all power to tread on Satan’s head.  He is falling in the spirit like lightning bolts!  Have we forgotten his previous job in the worship realm before his fall?  Satan IS NOT the creator.  Only Jesus can say, “I AM your creator.” Since Satan CAN NOT create, he can only counterfeit because he IS NOT the real deal; JESUS IS THE REAL DEAL!

Actually the Holy Spirit does not bring “chaos” because that is the fruit of the counterfeiter. The Holy Spirit brings “unity”.  The counterfeiter brings “fear” because that is his fruit; the Holy Spirit brings the fruit of “faith” and “unity”!  The “fruits of the Spirit” are all from the Holy Spirit as well as the “gifts of the Spirit”. He is their creator, their source.  Satan CANNOT create either the “fruits” nor the “gifts” of the Spirit, for he CAN NOT create.  He can only COUNTERFEIT.  So let’s quit giving Satan so much credit for things he cannot do and what he counterfeits, and give credit to the Holy Spirit for what he does.

The Pharisees in Jesus day even accused him directly for being “demon possessed” because of his claim of being one with the great “I AM”, making him greater than Moses whom they followed and worshiped.  Jesus stated back to them that any house divided falls. The “fruit” of the Holy Spirit is an “united body in Jesus Christ”, not division.

Then why does “revival” always seem to bring division?  It is usually because of our “hardness of heart”, by religious people.  History proves that the existing church usually opposes the supernatural movements of God because they dissect, penetrate, invade their natural lives, and activate the supernatural in what the Church wants to keep natural. 

When are we going to learn from Gamaliel, a Pharisee in the Sanhedrin when the Apostles were put on trial? His advice: (Acts 5:38-39)

Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone!  Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail, but if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.

Church Let God Be God! Let the Holy Spirit do what the Holy Spirit should do. Why in the natural do we try to regulate what the Holy Spirit is doing in the supernatural?  Like Saul, do we need to get knocked off of our high horses for opposing God, so God can use us supernaturally to advance His name and His kingdom as He changed Saul to Paul? 

Church, you cannot stop the supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit nor of its royal priesthood, its people chosen of God.  When are we going to learn that minimizing the Holy Spirit to the natural does not bring power or fruit to the Church?  God can police his kingdom; he does not need help from His believers.  We have not been called to be kingdom fighters, but true worshipers, so let’s worship in Spirit and in Truth and let “the battle be the Lords”.

If your church would be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to “totally” orchestrate your worship service, then what happens if the priesthood comes unprepared to worship?  The worship service will be ever so brief, and over before it begins, or filled with the natural.  Don’t try to “create” a worship service if you are not “the Creator”.  That didn’t work for Satan, and it won’t work for you either.  Allow the Holy Spirit to create the atmosphere, the calling of believers to not only draw near to Jesus, but also come into His Presence.  Allow the godhead to reveal itself to you.  Priests, come prepared to give up self and give back what He has already given you.  If the priesthood is prepared for worship; the Holy Spirit will take you into the Holy of Holies, His Presence where true worshipers will worship in Spirit and in Truth!

In conclusion, I as a believer in Jesus Christ, a New Testament priest, a priest in the order of Melchizedek need to develop a different mind set to what is a Sunday Morning Worship service, even examine what is worship, where do I worship, how do I worship, and what is a true worshiper.

To conclude, get a Bible and read John 4:1-26 quietly, then spend sometime with eyes closed.  Picture that passage as the Holy Spirit reveals it to you. Then write on a piece paper what has been revealed to you about worship and thinking outside the box, about having a different mindset, about allowing the supernatural to penetrate your natural mindsets.