Part XIII – A New Mindset To Develop: Allow The Holy Spirit Be The Orchestrating “Conductor” – Singing A New Song

Supernaturally Natural: Rethink The Way We, The Church, Worships Corporately – Part XIII

from Supernaturally Natural: Chapter 15 manuscript by Anthony Bachman

A new mindset to develop: Allow the Holy Spirit be the orchestrating “conductor”.

Singing a “New Song”:  Another observation that I have made is that when there is true revival, when musicians enter into His Presence, new songs are birthed.  True revival produces new music, new songs.  The Wesley brothers wrote hundreds of new hymns to be sung for the hundreds of Camp Meetings that sprung up everywhere.  I remember during the early Jesus movement days, tunes being placed to scripture and sung so that believers could memorize scripture easier.  The whole “contemporary music” scene in the Church came basically out of the early Jesus movement days.  Each generation with their own revival movement produce their own new music.