Retooling: Evangelism is “Just Doing It”!


The 21st Century Retooling of the Church – Part IX


I truly believe that the reason Jesus came to earth was to “reveal the heart of the Father”.  In a previous blog (Mon. Dec. 12, 2010) I shared how the word “agape” as in “agape love” is God’s love.   Agape love as translated in old Hebrew means “revealing the heart of the Father”.  Jesus’ mission on earth was “to reveal the heart of His Father”. He said, “If you have scene me, you have seen the Father,” and  “I and the Father am one.”

Jesus spent hours in seclusion praying, seeking the will of the Father,” and the Father was always faithful and revealed His Will to His Son.  The key to seeking the will of the Father is being obedient to that will when it is revealed to you.  Once you know His will, then “Just Do It”!  Just Act!  Those in the first century sought the Will of the Father wanting to reveal the Father to their generation, and God was faithful and revealed Himself to them.  All they had to do is “Just Do It”, “Act”, thus the book of Acts was birthed.

Evangelist also want to reveal the “heart of the Father.” To do that they will go to no length to reveal Spirit of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying world, which is the heart of the Father.  Evangelists are in the “revealing” spirit.  They “Just Do It”!  You can’t stop a believer who has a passion to reveal the heart of the Father; they can’t help themselves. They “Just Do It”!  New believers in Jesus Christ just want to tell others, the evangelistic spirit, to anyone one and everyone about their “new” experience of being “born again”. They “Just Do It”!

The five fold ministry is all about release, not holding back, “Just Doing It” out of obedience so that “the heart of the Father” is being revealed.  Does the Church want revival?  Then let the evangelism “Just Do It”.  Revival always starts with evangelism.  We need to let the evangelist “reveal his heart”, the heart of evangelism, the Father’s heart to the lost.  We need to release the shepherd to “reveal his heart”, the heart of compassion, care, and nurturing to the new babes in Christ.  We need to release the teacher to “reveal the heart of the Father” through his written word, the Logos Word, the Bible so that scriptural truths will be revealed.  We need to release the prophet to “reveal the heart of the Father” through the living word, the Rhema word, ro reveal how to live out our faith in our daily life.  And we need to release again the apostle to “reveal the heart of the Father” through the Church, through the giftings, callings, passions, and points of view that make up the body of Christ to bring unity.

You, me, and fellow believers in Jesus Christ must individually and corporately seek the will of the Father God, asking Him through His Son Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Jesus Christ “to reveal His heart” to us today.  God is always faithful.  He is in the reveal business, for the last book of the Bible is even called the book of Revelation, a book to reveal Jesus Christ to us.  The Father “will” reveal His heart to you, me, us as a body; now you, me, us…, we must be obedient to what “heart revelation” he exposes.

He reveals; we respond….. how? We need to “Just Do It”!