Evangelism Doesn’t Have To Be Painful; Does It?


A Different Look At Labor Pain

We have come to believe, especially if you are a woman, that birth is equated with labor “pains”.  I remember watching the monitor attached to my very pregnant wife to warn me of the next contraction.  It gave me time to embrace for a super hard hand squeeze, and comment about never getting into this condition again, questioning why she married me in the first place if what “I” did has now caused her so much pain!  Why pain with childbirth?

From the Biblical perspective, labor pains came as the price for sin.  When Adam and Eve sinned and were banished from the Garden of Eden, pain with childbirth became one of the prices of sinning upon the woman.  Amazingly, even though a mother experiences severe contractions signaling the coming birth, all that pain seems to vanish when life is evident, a child is born.  The fruit of “motherhood” is sheer joy, wonderment, awe, and immediate nurturing. Labor pain signals the struggle of what has been intimately nurtured and cared for in the safety of a mother’s womb that is now being threatened prior to actually experiencing birth.

Spiritually, there is usually pain before a birth.  Often we do not feel we “need” a savior until there is something to be saved from.  Pain can be one of those things: the pain of life, stress, loss, hurt, abandonment, loneliness, failure, guilt, etc., etc.  An evangelist is haunted by the “lost” living in pain because they do not know Jesus.  The “lost” have always been painted and portrayed as suffering.  We speak of sharing the spirit of evangelism to a lost and dying world that suffers an incredible amount of pain. Pain exists prior to spiritual birth because the price of sin is about to give way to life. “The wages of sin is death” but through Jesus we can have eternal life. Death is about to be defeated to life.  Those who have to “labor” in the painful world of the lost sense and feel those labor pains.

I have heard prophets claim to feel the “labor pain” of a revelation that they feel is about to be “birthed in the spirit.”  They feel the conflicts that oppose that which needs to be birthed.  Prophets claim they cannot “birth” the revelation, dream, or calling to life, only sense and feel the labor pains of its coming birth.  It takes an evangelist to birth!  Evangelists major in birthing!  The prophet needs the evangelist like a pregnant women needs a midwife or a doctor to help birth the child.  She could birth the child herself, but it it much easier and safer if someone takes her through the process. That is what an evangelist can do, go with you through the process of your spiritual birth even though you could do it yourself.

Some of the darkness moments spiritually usually come before the light, what looks like defeat discourages us just before the dawn of victory, what hurts even hurts worse before we receive our healing, what we fear faces us before our faith overcomes it.  It is this struggle that only an evangelist seems to understand.

Evangelists need the pastoral, the teaching, the prophetic, and the apostolic influences around their lives so they too will not be swept into the pain that those they work with face.  The evangelist needs the passions and gifting of the other four to feed, nurture, and protect his spirit when constantly on the front lines against the kingdom of darkness.

What amazes me about evangelists, like a mother who just gave birth, they too can lay aside all the pain it took to birth a spiritual newborn when that “new birth” receives Jesus into their life. What is different in the spirit compared to the natural is that a true evangelist does not possess the strong nurturing capabilities that earthly mothers possess, because their passion to win the lost drives them to move on to win the next one who is lost over the passion of nurturing newborns.  This is why an evangelist needs the pastoral gift by his/her side.

Jesus said that those who are sick need a doctor, and that spiritual doctor is the evangelist.  I feel, though, that the evangelists needs a whole hospital staff of shepherds, teachers, prophets, and apostles to secure that safe, caring, and nurturing atmosphere when there is a new birth, for that will free the evangelist to go back to the birthing room of life and begin to work through the labor pains of the next birth.  God bless evangelists!