Is Romney “The Savior” Of American Politics; Can He Do What Obama Couldn’t?


A Reaction To NBC’s Front Line Program

After watching Front Line on NBC last night, which did an exposé on the background of both political candidates for this years Presidential election, I found several things interesting, yet disturbing. Here are some of my observations of the program:

-  Romney loves to come in and “save” tough situations.  In his secular career, Romney would come in to “save” a company or companies from going bankrupt by downsizing, firing old CEO’s who thought their was the only right way while the public demonized them for their large salaries and benefits, eliminating jobs, cutting employee benefits and pension programs. His stream lining “saved” the company, and the bottom line, the company became profitable again, usually benefiting Romney who made millions.

-  Romney only learned about the sufferings of ordinary people when he became a bishop in the Mormon Church for four years, dealing with everyday problems of people who were struggling with their marriage, relationships, and their faith. This was an eye opener to him.

-  Upon the recommendation of the Mormon Church, Mitt Romney, looking like a knight in white armor, came to Salt Lake City to “save” the Winter Olympics from scandal and deceit, which he did successfully. Morality is a pillar in the Mormon Church, and he restored it to the Winter Olympics that year. This thrust him on the national political stage.

-  While Governor of Massachusetts, Romney changed his stance from Pro-Life to Pro-Choice, which was a politically correct move for a politician in a liberal state, but has not been able to be pinned down on his personal views toward abortion. Just today, with only weeks left in the election, he switched again claiming he is a Pro-Life Candidate.

-  As a Republican Governor of Massachusetts with a large House of Representatives that were Democrats, he was willing to forge an “Affordable Health Care Bill” into law with the aid of the Lion of Liberalism, Ted Kennedy, to whom he lost his election for the Senate. This alliance with Liberals led Massachusetts to be the only State to have Health Care for ALL its citizens, which made sense to Romney, and thrust him onto the national Presidential scene. He “saved” Massachusetts’ citizens from lack of health care.

-  Obama actually used Romney’s Advisors who forged the Massachusetts bill to help forge a National Affordable Health Care Act, patterned after Romney’s monumental political efforts, yet to be politically correct among his Republican Right Tea Party peers, he has promised to rescind ObamaCare on his first day of office as President.  The very “ideals” he birthed in Massachusetts he is willing to “abort” in order to become President.

After watching that program, I now have a myriad of questions:

-  Obama “saved” the United States from falling into what could have been the greatest World Wide Depression in history when he came into office, stealing Romney’s thunder of being America’s economic “savior”, but Romney claims he has a plan to “save” us from any more economic suffering. What is that plan?

-  Romney’s Plan in the past was to downsize, cut jobs, economize production for a profit, eliminate employee benefits, in order to “save” the business while making a profit; What will he do for his fat cat Wall Street brethren, big time Bankers, monstrous health care providers, corporate American peers of wealth to “save” America business to make political profits for himself? He wants America’s middle class “to invest” their future in those very institutions. Haven’t we learned what they did to American only 4 years ago with their greed?

-  Right Wing Conservative Radio Talk Radio, who will not recognize a Liberal or any Democrat as maybe being politically correct, is tooting Romney as a conservative, yet history has proven that he as worked with their worse enemy, Liberal Lion Ted Kennedy, to pass what he needed in Massachusetts. What would keep him from doing it again if elected President so something would finally get done in Washington?  Working with Democrats and Liberals for social reform would be ironic to their conservative cause. 

-  The program showed Obama as coming into office to work across party lines “to bring Red States and Blue States into the United States of America” through joint across the aisle politics, but found out the sullen truth of the “divisive” stand chosen by the Republicans rather than the “diverse” stand the country needed. Obama chose “divisiveness” with a straight up and down party vote in Congress and the Senate to get his Affordable Health Care Bill passed.  Will Romney be forced to do the same by his political party and Tea Party wing to “force” their agenda forward, or will the Republican Party fall asunder if Romney chooses “diversity” over “division”? Can Congress again approach cooperation through compromise?  Will the Tea Party Wing continue to oppose it? How will Romney appease the Tea Party if elected President, particularly with the strong voice from his Vice Presidential candidate?

So the future is still uncertain, but the outcome of this Presidential Election will make it interesting!