Plurality Is Better Than Singularity


The Need For The 5 Fold

Five = One Is Better Than Doing It Alone!

Often there is strength in numbers. I remember receiving a phone call from a girl in distress who claimed to be fighting a spiritual battle in her head. She felt satan had been hassling her, and she did not know what to do about it. As we began to pray about it, she received a revelation that changed her life. She said, “Wow, it is like I can see the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost standing beside satan. Three against one! But with you and me together, it is now five against one; satan doesn’t have a chance!”

There is power in plurality. God knew that it was not good for man to live alone, thus Adam had Eve, the Lone Ranger had Tonto, Snoopy had Charlie Brown, and so on. “Where two or more are gathered, there I am,” Jesus said. In the midst of plurality you find Jesus!  That is one of the secret mysteries of a true five fold model: five different passions, drives, and points of view, yet when unified in purpose and in mission by each laying down their lives for each other through service they become a dynamic force for the kingdom of God!  There is a dynamic power when “5=1”! When five different drives, though diverse, go the same direction in unity together; they are unstoppable! “Satan doesn’t have a chance!”

If that is true, then why does the church not openly embrace the five fold?  Bottom line: Control. Who is in control? In the five fold model that I have presented over these 350 blog pages, each believer has to relinquish control and “release” those diversely different from themselves to be who they are in Christ Jesus in freedom. The Holy Spirit must be in control! We are only vessel’s of God’s Spirit, living temples. As soon as we try to take control, power politics become the issue.  Most Christians, sometime in their life, has fallen victim to “church politics” as parties fight for who is going to control the church and the church’s doctrines and direction. The only way to avoid church politics is to relinquish your need to be in control, be submissive to the Holy Spirit’s control, and blindly, in faith, obey his leading.  That will lead to being submissive to the other four in humility, which will lead to unity in purpose, direction, and ministry: 5=1!

5 different voices = 1 united voice; 5 diverse passions & drives = 1 unified direction; only when 5 different people are willing to lay down their lives for each other in service, humility, and submission = 1 body, with 1 Lord, Jesus, following 1 Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus Christ!

It’s a dynamic theory, a work in progress, a goal that I am shooting for in my life time, a dream for unity in the Body of Christ, His Church, His Bride, which he will return for during his second coming.