The Next Great Revival: Massive And Messy but Powerful


10 Ways The Church Might Change:

Point 3 – Part 2

[In previous blogs I have outlined 10 possible changes the Church may face in the future. This is point 3 in the series: Prophetically the Bible depicts the Spirit of the Lord as having many eyes looking in all directions, like being different creatures with different functions pulling in different directions, yet in unity as one being. His Spirit is not stagnant, but always moving. In other words it is fluid. Just as water covers the earth in all directions, the Holy Spirit covers the earth globally, and it is fluid, moving in ebbs and tides.  Satan is losing his domain, because every time he wins a battle and thinks he has gain territory, the Holy Spirit flows back in from all directions to retakes the land. This domination by the Holy Spirit is again God’s plan to prepare the earth for the return of the Lord.]

When I made Jesus my Lord and was open to receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the first thing I discovered was the reality of the spirit world.  The spirit world does exist and is very real.  In third world countries when the gospel is presented, it raises up a battle between good and evil.  Local religions who have tried to appease the demons of dark are confront with the light of the gospel, and “darkness can not comprehend light”. That is why revivals are often looked upon as being messy, because in the spirit world things are being stirred up.

Before I made Jesus the Lord of my life, I thought of the demonic as almost mythical, figurative, metaphorical, etc., but after my decision I witnessed the manifestation of the powers of darkness but the triumph of the powers of light over them.  It amazed me how blind most of us as Christians are to the reality of the spirit world.  When we are not under allegiance to King Jesus, we are no threat to satan, the enemy, but once we swear that allegiance all “hell breaks lose” and “all heaven” is at our disposal.  The conflict intensifies!

Today there is such a complacency about the Holy Spirit in our churches.  We talk about Him, recognize Him, and have our theology about Him, but see little of His powers manifested. Why?  If the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus Christ today, which He is, I propose that we need to recognize His Kingship and our lordship towards Him and begin to listen and be obedient to Him. When Jesus in the flesh ascended to His Father in heaven, He promised to send His Holy Spirit so that we would not be as orphans. He has kept His promise.  We need to live in that promise.

We need to see spiritual power manifested back into our churches and its gatherings. We need to witness actual physical and mental healings and deliverances.  We need to sense the Holy Spirit’s presence in all of our gatherings that brings brokenness, repentance, healing, deliverance, and renewal.  We need to witness the “awesomeness” of a “holy” and “righteous” God in our midst. We need gatherings where we are “changed” every time we come together.  We need to witness changed lives, healed families, and mended relationships every time we gather under the banner of Jesus Christ.  When we, as obedient servants, allow the Holy Spirit to edify King Jesus, the way we “do church” will be redefined, that is why the organize church is leery about revival. Revivals are messy because you are messing with the spiritual world.  Remain complacent, and everything stays in order, and you are no threat to satan because you are powerless.  When you recognize Jesus as your Savior and Lord, be obedient to his Lordship and listen to His Holy Spirit; you will shake up what was natural and in order with the supernatural because with it is power from on high!

The earth has been satan’s throne since the fall of mankind.  History has recorded the conquering of his domain with the turning point being the Cross!  The beginning of the end came when Jesus died on that Cross; the supernatural vertical plane of God and his relationship to man “Cross”ing, intersecting the horizontal plane of man’s history.  Since that time the Christian faith has moved forward across the known world in an effort to fulfill the Great Commission.

I believe the next great revival will be global, the final thrust by the Holy Spirit coming from all directions to claim the world for the kingdom of light in an effort to make His Bride, The Church, ready for His Second Coming.  This revival will be massive and messy, because it will be stirring up forces of darkness that have ruled the world since the fall of mankind. These forces will fall under the presence of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit.  This will produce challenging times, but exciting times, for the kingdom of God will be moving forward in power and strength no longer remaining in stagnation or complacency.

Church, are we ready and open for such a movement?  If so, Holy Spirit come and move us forward under the direction of King Jesus and His Holy Spirit!  If not, Holy Spirit come and bring conviction upon us, and a repentance or turning of our hearts towards Jesus as not only our Savior but Lord.  Holy Spirit come; do your thing, even if it is massive and messy!