Who Can We Trust To Get A Consensus?


The Act of “Consensus” – Part VI

 In Conclusion:

Building a consensus, to be “in one accord”, takes work, and it takes trust. Bottom line: In the vertical relationship between us and our God (John 3:16), can we trust the Holy Spirit to direct us into a consensus? If that same Holy Spirit indwells each of us believers because our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, cannot that Spirit arise among us to bring unity, purpose, and direction toward Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church?  In the horizontal, peer, relationship with other believers in Jesus Christ (I John 3:16), can we trust each other to bring consensus, agreement, and unity of faith in the Body of Christ? As a Christian, I ask, “Who can you trust?”

With all the splits, all the sects, all the denominations, all the church offices, all the different giftings, etc., with all this diversity in the body of Christ, how can consensus be found in the 21st Century Church structure? How can consensus be the norm of church governing?