Road to Emmaus: Part I


Holy Spirit As Teacher

     A new mindset of a teacher is NOT to expound information he/she knows intellectually to a group, but teach the group to allow the Holy Spirit to be the teacher.  Jesus promised that when he would return to His Father that He would send the Holy Spirit who would teach His believers all things.  We have to learn how to let the Holy Spirit be the teacher. The question is how? And do we tust the Holy Spirit?

What I hope to do in the next couple of blogs is share a sample lesson you may try with a small group to teach them to get into the Word, the Bible, living word.


Road to Emmaus: Part II will be the actual “Road to Emmaus” lesson, Luke 24:13-35 to be taught.


Road to Emmaus: Part III will be comments/ directions to those leading the small group event. (The teacher)


Road to Emmaus: Part IV will be a homework sheet the members of the class can continue to work on during the week.


Again, this is just a sample lesson.  The result may vary as the Holy Spirit leads. It could be quite an adventure.