Road to Emmaus: Part II


Lesson #1: Road To Emmaus: The Spirit of Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit Is The Teacher!

Introduction of Group Members: 

-       Ready:  Make small groups of three or four

-       Introduce oneself: name, occupation, marital/family status, and tell of one object you have that best illustrates your life (i.e. Pocket knife because you are an avid hunter) and one object you have you should throw away. (10 min.)

Introduction of Lesson:

-       Reading: Teacher read Luke 24:13-35 – Road to Emmaus passage as everyone sits quietly and listens.

  • o    Break the passage into two parts verses 13-27 and pause for a time of quiet reflection, then verses 28-35.  (10 min.)

Developing of Lesson:

-       Reflection: They are to sit quietly, individually, and reread, think about, meditate upon, or picture being a part of the actual scene of verses 28-35.

  • o    Guidelines to tell the class: 1) There is to be no talking or movement at this time.  2) They should sit quietly, they may have pencil and paper if they wish to jot down reflections, narrations, etc., but prefer they do nothing but mediate on the passage. 3) They will have (15 minutes) of this total silent period for reflection.

-       Retelling:  After silent period concludes, have them begin to share within their small group what they have seen and heard.

  • o   Guidelines to tell the class:  1) only one-person shares at a time. 2) The others in the group CAN NOT comment or say anything while one is sharing. 3) You only have 5 minutes per person to share. 4) At end of 5 minutes, next person shares without comments from group until all have shared. (15-20 min.)

-       Reactions: What new insights and strong points were shared by the group?

  • o   Guideline to tell the class:  Share among yourselves a) the new insights, the different point of view, the uniqueness of what each other shared as well as b) the strong points that were emphasized. c) Was there one theme that ran among all in your groups lessons?  List your answers on a piece of paper. (10 min.)

-       Assignment: Have a handout to keep them thinking all week.  They are to meditate on this passage as their devotion all week and answer some of the questions on the sheet!