Power of Personal Prophecy

Listening To The Still Small Voice

Years ago a lady in our church taught Communion With God by Mark Virkler which began to change the way we thought about the question, “Does God Speak Today”.  Through Bishop Bill Hamon and Christian International in Lakeland, Florida, we studied further the role of the prophet and personal prophecy, eventually training many in our congregation on how to listen to that still small voice of the Holy Spirit that resides in every believer and minister from that source of life.

I marvel at the power of Jesus with the woman at the well. How prophetically he revealed her background and his Messiahship.  Hearing the voice of God has no age limits.  Samuel heard God’s voice as a child, so did my son, who at the age of 10 participated in a prophetic presbytery with other believers.  He told one lady that the Lord told him that she was on a train that was about to run off the tracks if she did not change her ways. She was reduced to tears and repented of the lifestyle she was living, and her life was changed forever.

I began practicing the prophetic spirit when leading Lay Witness Missions, asking if I could give the benediction, or blessing, over the local church that had invited our visiting team to share that weekend. I would listen to that still small voice of God to give me insight on what blessings He wanted to pour on them, what final message he wanted them to hear about the weekend; then I would give the benediction. They were powerful.    

When we learn to listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit that God the Father has placed in us through Jesus Christ, we need not always “seek God’s will for our lives.”  We just need to learn how to be obedient to what revelation he has given us, and what he has instructed us to do.