A Prophetic Word To Leadership

Listening To That Still Small Voice

On Sunday, the church that I attend, changed their format of services and had an early service composed of worship music and prayer.  The prayer focus was on the local leadership of the church.

I have discovered that when I am in the midst of worship and prayer, I want to listen to that small still voice rather than petition.  Sometimes I do not know what to petition for, so I listen.  I felt that I heard in my head a distinct prophetic word, went forward and asked if I could share it, which the leadership approved.

The word to this leadership group was the following, “The leadership of this church is in a season where they are to raise their hands.  They are not to drop them, for if they put their hands on anything there will be the urge to control it, so they need to keep their hands raised. The Lord does not want their handprint on the work, but wants the Holy Spirit’s imprint. I asked the Lord where in the Bible has this happened to leadership, and He said through Moses. His calling was ‘to let my people go’, but when he hit the Red Sea, he was told to raise his hands.  He was not to organize his people, tell them how or what to do, only raise his hands.  Eventually his arms got tired, but the people held them up in support.  When the last Israelite got through the column of water, they let his hands down, and the Egyptians swam while everyone rejoiced. The Lord also told me that there will be a day when you can bring your hands down to lay on people, but I warn you of the power that will be produced for healing and impartations.”

Two of the leaders approached me later to tell me the validity of the word, sending chills up their spines because of it being “right on”!  I thanked them for validating that word because it takes faith to give a word, and you want it to be accurate.

The prophetic voice can be a valuable and powerful tool to the Church for direction and encouragement.  It always parallels the written Word, the Logos Word, the Bible if it is valid.  The leadership had already met earlier to pray, seek the Lord’s will, and act on the direction they felt the Lord was leading them.  The prophetic word only confirmed to them the direction they had already taken through a vessel who knew nothing about the situation, but the Holy Spirit knew.

I would like to encourage the church, and you as a believer in Jesus Christ, to embrace the prophetic spirit and the prophetic voice.