Purpose of the 5 Points Of View: Part III

Church: Grow Up

Teaching 8th grade student’s gives one an unique prospective on life.  8th graders, 13 year olds, are elementary students caught in bodies that are growing up.  Their maturity has to catch up to their physical growth or they bring consternation to parents, those they influence, and themselves.

I ask them, “What does it mean to ‘grow up’?”

“Be responsible,” is their reply.

So to a Church that is divided, fights among itself, shoots its wounded rather than heals, known for division rather than unity and oneness, what word does Ephesians 4 have for it?

               GROW UP!  BE RESPONSIBLE!

The Church, like those 13 year-old adolescents has grown in size, but not in maturity. This has brought consternation with the world it is to effect and win as well as its very own being. It too needs to show responsibility in bringing unity to “grow up” in Jesus.  How is that to be done?  Through the five different passions or points of view working together to bring unity and the full measure of Jesus Christ.  As we continue these blogs, I will propose two scriptures and their effect as a keystone to bring this unity: John 3:16 & I John 3:16