The Birth Of Judah Cash McKennan Kurtz

Judah Cash McKeenan Kurtz

Biological Evangelism:

Congratulations to Kristy and Steve Kurtz on the birth of their son Judah Cash McKennan Kurtz on Wednesday, Aug. 12th, the youngest of four Kurtz children, the other three being "older" sisters!  Does "Cash" have a challenging life a head of him?

Cash is a 8 pounds, 21 inch long seedling beginning his journey in life.  Someday he may be a 225 pounds, 75 inch long male specimen with abs, muscles, a mustache, deep dark eyes, a real heart throb that any girl in her late teens or early twenties admires. 

Wednesday was a day of rejoicing, of hope, of dreams, of pride for little Cash and his parents.  Will those little hands one day palm a basketball or those little feet kick field goals?  Will that little heart that beats life some day be a big heart for God?  Will he have his mother's nose, or his father's receding hair line?  Only time will tell.  Will the name "Cash" mean comfort from his family, or acceptance from his friends, but "Judah Cash McKennan Kurtz" mean he is in hot water with his mother who is angry with him for being mischevious like his mother and father when they were his age?

All of that doesn't matter, for right now is a time of rejoicing, a celebration of new life. "Evangelism" is all about birthing: the birthing of dreams, hopes, aspirations, goals, .... of life.  An "Evangelist" only revels in the birthing process, leaving the changing of diapers and daily feedings to a shepherd, the education to a teacher, the spiritual growth to a prophetic spiritual father, and the over all oversight to an apostle.

Little Cash will have his diapers changed by who ever is near at the time, will be taught by instructors in a Children's Church and a k-12 secular setting, lead forward spiritually by loving grandparents,  and will have proper oversight by Kristy and Steve. There will be shepherds, teachers, prophets, and apostles in Cash's life, but today we herald the evangelist, because we celebrate a birth.

Today we celebrate BIOLOGICAL EVANGELISM!  The Kurtz family is now 1/2 dozen strong: mom, pop, three sisters, and Cash!  Four Kids!  Steve & Kristy, you sure do know how BIOLOGICAL EVANGELISM works!