Embracing the "Evangelistic Spirit"

  Where''s the Father?"Scrubs: From Delivery To The O.R.

Scrubs: From The Birthing Room To The O.R.

My father rushed his pregnant wife to the hospital, only to be banned from the birthing room. A doctor sensing his fatigue hid him in a different room to sleep. When I came into the world, no one could find the father who was lost in sleep. Only after the momentous event of my birth could he be summoned.

 A generation later, I found myself being a “coach” at child birth classes, going through the C-section class only to face that situation in real life in less than 24 hours. Changing “scrubs” from the birthing room to the Operating Room, I found myself breaking new ground. Two children later, with fathers in the birthing room now a common practice, I find myself pushing the limits wanting to be in the recovery room with my wife.

 I am so grateful that the medical profession has “allowed” fathers to be part of the birthing process. Words can never express the emotions felt during the birth of one’s child.

The “evangelist” loves the birthing process, but so often the Church has not left the Dark Ages, not allowing its believers to be part of the process unless they were clergy. Many today have the “passion” to win the lost, to “birth” newborns spiritually, to “birth” new ideas and “passions” in the Church, but who, like my Father, are prohibited from participating in those births.

The medical profession in my day was willing to break through those barriers, willing to “birth” or “try” new ideas, new “mindsets”, like Fathers in the O.R. The Church, on the other hand, when willing to allow “breakthroughs” in previously established “mind sets”, have discovered that their release of the “evangelistic spirit” allowed for even greater breakthroughs, or birthings.

To experience a revival or reformation,  the “evangelistic spirit” must be released to birth new ideas, new models, new systems, new forms of life within the living organism called “The Church”, allowing its members to become part of the “recovery”. We will have to examine this spirit and its ramifications.