What Is An Evangelist: Definition

Webster's Definition:

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it this way:

Main Entry: evan·ge·list

Pronunciation: \i-ˈvan-jə-list\


Date:13th century

Definition: 1 often capitalized : a writer of any of the four Gospels 2 : a person who evangelizes; specifically : a Protestant minister or layman who preaches at special services 3 : an enthusiastic advocate <an evangelist for physical fitness>

Acknowledgement: (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/evangelist)

     This definition is so sterile, for there is so much more to evangelism today, and what makes an evangelist.  In my next series of blogs I hope to look at the "Current Mind Sets" of the 20th century Church towards evangelism, the pinnacles and pitfalls.  Then look ahead at what this century might hold if we have a "different" mindset toward how we, the Church, do evangelism.  I will welcome your comments on what has and hasn't worked in your lifetime.  Share with me by what method you came to the Lord.  Then feel free when we get to the "different mind set" section the ways or avenues that are unique that the Holy Spirit is currently showing you as forms of evangelism, or better yet, new ways you are practicing it!  Your comments far out way those of the author of this blog, so feel free to comment and share as we move along on this journey.