Spirit of Evangelism: Street Evangelism

 Take It To The Streets

Taking it to the streets has been an effective response to the Great Commission. Most churches do not practice this aspect of evangelism, expected those in the streets to “come to” church.

I have had the opportunity to watch Cookie Rodriquez, then director of New Life For Girls ministry, work the streets of York with phenomenal results. I saw her stop a kid in his bike right in front of her and lead him to the Lord. I remember how awkward I felt the first time I walked the streets with a local Pastor who was very comfortable doing it. Later Scott Hinkle would walk those same streets as a young man. Today he leads workshops and conferences on Evangelism, especially effective with street ministry.

Years later I would become part of a Drama Team, The Kings Players, who often performed on the streets of York. Several of us stood with our back to the crowd, forming a curtain, while several would step out to perform. It amazed me how many people would stop to watch our presentations and the effectiveness of them. YWAM, Youth With A Mission, and Jews for Jesus often uses this strategy when evangelizing.

My children would later be involved in “stick interpretation”, where they would use only dial rods as props, interpreting the lyrics of contemporary Christian music in the background. Often drama in its most simple form becomes the most effective tool.

My daughter and some of her friends decided to “hang out” on Friday nights with several homeless people they had learned to know, taking pizza, food etc. to eat with them and just “hang out” and talk. Those experiences impacted her life.

As the Bible teaches, if those whom you have invited to the banquet are too busy, have excuses, or just don’t want to come, then go out to the highways and byways and find those who will.