Spirit of Evangelism: Tell Your Story

Where Do You Stand?


We have all have experienced life's journey.  Each journey is unique and personal.  Many have the mind set that it is also very private, thus they refuse to share it.  What a shame.  When someone has had an enriched full life, they should share it, for it could aide others.

My parents have a close friend who past away recently who hen survived the beaches of Normandy and fought the whole way to Berlin in World War II.  When watching warm films, he would comment quietly that he had been there.  Although his story is filled with pain, agony, the hell of War, it is rich with history.  Rather than keeping the pain quiet and allowing patriotism and Hollywood glamorize the War, the new generation of grand children look at the event only as history, not as reality.  His telling the story brings reality!

Funerals can be a time of celebration or a time of severe mourning.  When faced with the death, many question what next.  Where one stands spiritually can bring comfort.  Is death the end of life?  Or "Death, where is your sting?"  Christianity offers triumph over death and the grave, and offers eternal life through Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately, I have been at funerals where the deceased was a christian, but mourners wondered because they never shared their "faith stories and journey" with anyone.

If you are a parent, share your story of how you met Jesus personally.  It helps you activate the Great Commission in your life as well as bring comfort to you family when you pass on to glory.  If you are a son or daughter, share it with you parents.  Everyone should share it with their friends unoffensively, for it is your story.

I once was asked by a lady if I knew what Styx was?  I told her it was the river that divided the living from the dead; it was the river that flowed through Hades in Greek mythology. Then I asked why?  She told me that the last words her daughter said before she died was, "I see the river Styx before me."  I did not know what to tell her, for I had no comforting words to offer.

Share your story!  Share it with the ones you love!  Share it with the ones who need to know it!  Share it, because it it your story, your unique story.