Spirit of Evangelism: There's Something Wrong With This!


Sent Out Or Come In: I Am Confused!

"Have all the world come into your house of worship and preach the good news to all creation." Executeus 15:15.


I may have it wrong, but I do believe that the Great Commission is for the Church TO GO OUT to the world, not trick the world to come into the church.  Where has this mentality come from that you have "to invite people to your church building" so they hear the gospel. What does this say about those who attend that church regularly?  Don't they know how to lead someone to the Lord? Can't they share the gospel?  Where is the "sent out" part in all this?  This is the same christian group that claims "apostle" means "one who is sent out", like a missionary they say.  Yet this group also boasts that there are no longer apostles because they all died out when the Cannon, or Written Word, the Bible, came into being.

They may be right for they aren't "sending anyone out", only inviting "outsiders" in.  "Insider" and "outsider" mentality can become very dangerous, and the unchurched sense that mentality very quickly. What inside a church will attract a person to come in? A free newspaper and a clean car?  Shows how cheap we can be! How about throwing in a free "Starbuck's" coffee from the church's coffee shop, and a free book from their book store! Ooops, that means I would have to come inside to get them too!

"Hey, how about if I invite you to Starbucks to get a coffee and a pastry? I'll buy. Throw in a paper if you wish. Let's sit on the couch by the window. I have a personal story from my life's experiences that I would like to share with you. I know it makes me vulnerable, but I will take the risk. By the way, I want to hear your story too if you wish to share it with me!" (See my previous blog.)