Spirit of Evangelism: A Messiah

Street Evangelism One-On-One

Jews For Jesus

God chose the Jewish race as the race to which His Son, Jesus, would be born into. He would be the fulfillment of their dream for a Messiah as prophesied by Isaiah and other Jewish prophets, yet this Jesus would be the very person the Jewish race would reject.

I was shocked when viewing a bulletin board inside a Jewish Community Center at the activities offered, many centered around Eastern religion which was never questioned, but don’t bring Jesus into the Jewish picture. I know personally Jews who have been shunned by their families after proclaiming Jesus as their Messiah, Savior, and Lord.

I became introduced with Jews for Jesus back in 1974 when attending Jesus 74, an outdoor Jesus Rally in Western, PA. I had a small tape recorder, and taped when Jews for Jesus did their skits on stage. For years I listened to that tape. There was such simplicity yet truth in each skit they did. Periodically I would catch an evening of one of their conferences held at Messiah College in Grantham, PA, and enjoy the richness of the fellowship.

Over the years I have admired the boldness of the Jews for Jesus organization who have boldly proclaimed the gospel in spite of opposition they have received. They are not afraid to do street evangelism, theater, dance, and one on one sharing. I wish we gentiles who know Jesus would have as much enthusiasm as they do.

To learn more about Jews for Jesus, check out their website at http://jewsforjesus.org/