Spirit of Evangelism: Getting "The Word Out"


Flying High While Translating


Two organizations that have taken the Great Commission seriously have been the Wycliffe Bible Translators, Mission Aviation Fellowship, and Jungle Aviation and Air Service whose goal is to spread the gospel to all the ends of the earth and translate every tongue so that they can read the Bible themselves.

 As a public school teacher, I know the importance of reading and its impact. Guttenburg’s invention of the printing press took the world out of the Dark Ages into the world of Enlightenment. The importance of each individual being able to read is extremely important. When a person can read the Bible in his own language, and allow the Holy Spirit to be his teacher, the Kingdom of God moves forward.

I cannot stress enough the importance of each believer individually reading their Bible. If each person in a church would spend time alone with their Bible daily, reading a few chapters a day and allowing the Holy Spirit to teach its meaning, it would change the face of how we do Church and how we worship, as I will share in later blogs.

I would also like to salute my two cousins, one who has flown for Mission Aviation Fellowship in Guatemala and Peru, dodging mountains and steep terrain while landing on miniscule landing strips on mountain sides, and the other who just left to help build a complex in Pappa New Guinea for Wycliffe Bible Translators who are reaching the unknown tribes and translate their language.

Bottom Line: We who have the Bible so readily available take it for granted, slouching off from reading it daily, yet there are many who prize holding the first book written in their language in their hand, and learning how to read on their own.

Church factions cannot effectively preach their dogma and doctrines when common people read for themselves the truth in the most publicized book ever written, the Bible. Thanks Marie and Neal!