Is The Church Our Brother’s Keepers?


The 21st Century Retooling of the Church – Part LVI

We count on the government for programs, programs to take care of the homeless, the poor, those without medical insurance, those with mental, physical, or learning handicaps, those struggling with drugs, those released from prison, the elderly, preschool, public school, fire and police protection, etc., etc.  As a Christian, I ask what do we count on the Church for here in America? Spiritual guidance, of course, is of essence, but the church is no longer the social hub of American society, nor supplying “services” to the poor, the sick, the aging, and hurting as it once was.  Many hospitals and institutions of higher learning boast the name of past church influences. With all the government budget cuts, what influence can the church reclaim?

People are looking for someone who cares, who will give guidance, hope, answers to tough questions, and courage to face tough situations, but doesn’t demand a monetary payment for their kindness.  They are not necessarily looking for professional services, but acts of kindness from every day people, friends, neighbors, Christians who care.

If the church embraced the five fold they would have an evangelist who would give hope, offer a new birth or a renewal spirit.  They would have pastoral gifting, individual believers reaching out with care and faith when helping people through difficult situations reassuring them that they are not alone as they face and walk through their struggles.  They would have a foundation of faith through the Word, the Bible. They would have spiritual guidance of learning that the Written Word can become the Living Word, walking out spiritual principals through the prophetic.  They would have the assurance of over sight, someone seeing over their welfare and the welfare of others as a whole body, a family. 

So the Church needs to reevaluate its role in American society, retool itself to be more effective to those in need, and rethink how it does church.  The challenge is will the church continue to just rely on tradition to get it through, or become innovative and creative, allowing the Holy Spirit to retool it to meet the needs of the hurting and lost, and exposing the Kingdom of God to the world.